Music Leaders Launch Climate Pact

“A group of leading music companies have signed a wide-ranging commitment to ‘decarbonise’ the global music business in alignment with the latest climate science. Initiated by the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) in collaboration with UK record labels association the BPI, the founding Signatories of the ‘Music Climate Pact’ span numerous areas of the music business and

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Scientists and musicians tackle climate change together

Audiences may travel long distances to see their favorite musical acts in concert or to attend large music festivals, which can add to their personal carbon footprint of emissions that are steadily warming the planet. But these same audiences, and the performers they follow, are often quite aware of the dangers of climate change and

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Coldplay lead the way

2022’s Coldplay world tour will aim to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% on previous outings. The tour will ask venues to provide alternative energy supplies and also asks audiences to contribute to carbon offsetting.  Find out more here –

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